Monday, July 23, 2012

Why are you taking a picture of egg on a plate?

I've always considered "it" normal as this is just how I am, how I see, observe and respond to the world around me. "It" being the expansive creative way I filter even the simplest experience of the senses.

A quest for inspiration may not be climbing the highest mountain or scuba diving to the depths of the sea. Inspiration is everywhere. I adore travel and adventure, yet breakfast at Keke's captured my artistic eye. Although I am a foodie and usually can be seen snapping a pic of food presentation whereas the end of the plate doesn't typically have the same appeal. Did I take this picture to specifically paint this? No.The white plate with yellow yolk resonated something ..a sky filled landscape and also something I'd already painted like
Little Long Tea by Robin Maria Pedrero

 this painting series I did this summer. The series is now hanging in my new studio in a motel which is being refurbished for artist studios, FAVO.  Shown here in the sink area of my new space by candlelight.

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Lisa Graham Art said...

Love this post Robin! I take food pictures too...and closeups of bricks and such. It does keep the art flowing to do so. Your painting is gorgeous...yellow like your artsy plate. The tea pot makes me want to have a cup of tea. :)

I am still loving my pretty little dress painting. It sits daintily on my night stand which is a book shelf full of many favorite things. :)

Robyn Wright of said...

Love this! I take lots of odd pictures and/or just make a lot of odd notations and comments either in my head or out loud. It wasn't until recently that I really noticed that other people had no idea what I was talking about when I did it LOL.