Friday, August 24, 2012

A collection commission of teacups and teapots

It is such a delight to gain a new art collector. When I auctioned "Tea with Friends"on ebay a few months ago one of my fans jumped on the chance to have the piece for her new home. The work inspired her to have me create a whole wall of teacup and teapot pieces.

Her colors for the dining room are blue and green.  I finished "Big Blue Flowers Teapot" 8 x 8"  for her this week. Another collector and fan on fb asked if this series will be available for purchase as reproductions, YES. I will be making the digital preparations to move forward with the listings in my shop

The first piece "Tea with Friends" is already available as a reproduction.
Although listed as a reproduction on paper this can also be reproduced on canvas. 

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