Sunday, September 30, 2012

Establishing a New Groove

The move was set in motion packing last May, moved studio in June,
homes in August and here it is October and still unpacking some favorite items.

my art in my overflow studio space

Last week I lifted a heavy box too high organizing my overflow studio space and I'm suffering a bit still.Testing that rumor of the bounce back not being so easy as one ages.(tis true)
I am thankful to Julio Sanchez "Julsan" who helped me get my overflow studio space ready for the FAVO event this coming Friday October 5th. He's going to exhibit his work in this space for the evening.

I like his vibrant style of art!
Come by October 5th 
FAVO will WOW you this month!!
Take a look at some of the artists here

so back to establishing a new groove...

I am thrilled with my new studio space!
Yet I've had differences to overcome with the general move
which have affected my art making and business;
  1. Almost two hours of travel time each studio day
  2. No Internet in studio yet
  3. Less space (downsized from utilizing home)
  4. Different light (than previous studio, effects photos and working)
  5. Eating out (no fridge or stove in studio)
  6. At home when I wake up at 4 am there's no studio near by
  7. Same as 6 but on weekends
  8. Family responsibilities are not as easy to work into a day an hour away

  I've slowly been finding the creative solutions to making art and business flow. Adjusting my timing of work daily. Some of the new solutions are better than the way I previously worked.
I also need to get back into my healthy eating and exercise habits. 


here's to establishing a new groove...

one day at a time.

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Chris said...

Good luck with the new work and artistic environment Robin. Try and use the travel time for relaxation and planning and always take your time to get from A to B even if you're running late.

Robin Pedrero said...

Thanks for your response Chris.
My travel time is spent driving and not a good time for me to be relaxing in the City of Orlando. However I have enjoyed to get some calls in via blue tooth and use some of my time wisely.

Peggy Gabrielson said...

Changes are not always easy for me. Thank you for sharing your challenges and how you embraced it with a positive fresh new outlook! Your studio looks fabulous!