Thursday, September 27, 2012

I moved to FAVO; organizing art and archives

 I moved my studio to downtown Orlando, FAVO (pronounce fAvO) and I am still unpacking and arranging years of work and supplies. I am digging in a little more so this week as I am preparing for the next upcoming event October 5th. Have you seen the wonderful artists that will also be there? Go to FAVO

Above is a montage of some sold images. 

As I unpack I am organizing artwork. I am considering placing some of my art and and even archived pieces for viewing online. I am going to make some of the white elephants works (art in a specific theme for a show that does not go with my series), some last pieces in a series, and some artwork never before seen, made available to the public. Pastels will need framing. I am excited to get moving with this project.

I just haven't yet decided where I will list them to share and sell them. 

 Here are some pieces which are available; some are in galleries, museum gift shops, or my studio.

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