First of all I am so excited to be invited as an #OlioHop blogger! 
is SOO much fun!
Once you make an Olioboard you just want to make more,
with so many options to explore. (click blog post to continue)
"Awaken to Rhapsody & Take it With You All Day"

Olioboard enables me to create 2D and 3D rooms where I have access to incredible decor images from stores like Layla Grace and Wayfair. To top it off Olioboard enables me to use my own images so I can actually place my art and fashions in the board and showcase them in my created board venue online. 
Above in my Olioboard "Awaken Decor & Fashion" is my painting "Rhapsody" and my painting transformed on to a silk scarf.
As an Etsian (I have an Etsy Shop where customers can purchase my work) I utilize my Olioboards  to present my work as with this piece "Interlude".

My Olioboards also make wonderful banners on my Facebook Art Page.

I truly mean what I say about Olioboard being habit forming. I couldn't resist! SEE I made 2 Fashion and Decor boards. This one is "Come out of your Cocoon", the painting of mine is "Mariposa" which means butterfly in Spanish, so after you've rested well in your blissful bedroom it's time to take wings, and head out into the world with your "Mariposa Silk Scarf".
 With a lifetime experience as an artist I am over the top excited about my work being transformed into fashion like the silk scarves, fine art bags and cases for cell phones. My Art or Decor, as this #Oliohop explores, is transformed into FASHION!

You might be wondering why I've made two bedroom boards (above). They each have items from Layla Grace, which I just love AND they are having a contest!

LAYLA GRAYCE has launched the 1st of (4) 2 week contests. We are all excited because each 2 week contest comes with a first prize of $1000.00 and a 2nd and 3rd prize. Layla Grayce judges are: Crystal Gentilello of Rue Magazine, then Tobi Fairley, Jonathan Adler and Molly B Sims will judge their subsequent contests.

Here's the link to the Olioboard blog explaining the contest:

Now you've seen what I've been doing with Olioboard please check out my fellow #OlioHop bloggers and let them know what you think with a comment.

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