Monday, October 15, 2012

Become a Jewel - Mentor and Service in the Arts
"Jewels" 10" x 10" mixed media (c)Robin Maria Pedrero 
available in my etsy shop

That's how I feel about mentoring and volunteering  - that it's like becoming a jewel. (click on this post to read more) It's appreciated and of great value to mentor and give of your services in the arts. I give of my time and talents everyday. I believe, in fact, I know it makes a difference. And making a difference is important to me. So each day I not only create, market and work on my own art and career I also help other causes and people.

Presently my art studio is at FAVO. I am the Artistic Consultant at FAVO. I am helping at FAVO by working to develop relationships in our community, giving insight as an artist in the motel studios, broadcasting via social network media, posting and teaching how to implement facebook to communicate, (here's the FAVO fb page please like us) assisting in PR, creating some posters and online images for our events.  Like the next one November 2nd ..

Another Pro Bono Publico - volunteer job, that I have is for the #twitterartexhibit where I serve on the Organizing Board and PR Team. We have a new website and have gone global! See our website  to learn who we are and what we are doing. "Through art we can change the world." We help charities and nonprofits with postcard-sized, handmade original artwork. AND just this week I created a fb page please like our page #twitterartexhibit and if you tweet - we are there too! @twitrartexhibit  Make sure to follow the #Twitterartexhibit hashtag for updates! Oh AND we are looking for a LOGO for the #twitterartexhibit 

These are just a few ways I serve locally in my community and in a global effort to make a difference.
Please join with me in support by engaging with us in Likes, Comments, Sharing, and Participation.

Thank you!!


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