Monday, November 19, 2012

3 ways to Give a Special Thank you Gift

Personalized original handmade gifts were just about the only gifts one could give to my mother. Thank goodness I was a creative child! Here's a fun easy way to give something creative, original and even personalized. 
I have this exact mug listed with the words Drink Me on it in my etsy shop here. However you could have a mug with my art on it personalized with a name like this one shown for Laurie. Just select your favorite piece of my art, share the name or words you would like and I will create the mug  - just $18 plus shipping. (click post to see more)
 Another way to give a special thank you gift is to have a miniature painting created.Our local United Arts commissioned me to create some 5" x 5" paintings for those who were so giving of their time last year, like this painting...
small paintings are $30 - $50 based on size

           Small paintings are an original way to say Thank You!

Here's a twist on an unique gift
- a very pretty mirror compact mirror with the image of Mariposa on it 
This item and many other are available
in my Gallery 523 Mariposa Cafe Press Shop

I’m grateful . . .
  • For your encouragement, zest, and over all presence in my life.
  • That you follow me on Twitter, become a  fan on facebook and connect with me on LinkedIN.
  • That you read and comment on my email, tweets, and posts even when your Inbox, Facebook, or Twitter is filled with so many things to read and respond to.
  • For your purchases, no matter how small, through my online stores and galleries.
  • That you attend my events where I get to meet and talk with you in person.

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