Sunday, December 02, 2012

Freaking Crazy over Frolic

 Yes, yes I sound a bit immature, but I can't contain my childlike excitement over my art designs being transformed into objects for personal and household items.
Like "Frolic" in  this elegant dynamic shower curtain!

How much fun is this!!

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Are you thinking you might like to freshen up your spaces with color and design? 

I have a few options available at your fingertips

Option 5
Contact me and I can design one for you with my art designs.
Robin Maria Pedrero


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Sharon Crute said...

Your energetic and colorful art certainly lends itself to this lovely curtain. Congrats Robin...I love your work!

Shannon Grissom said...

They look fabulous! Congratulations Robin!

K.Jones said...

LOVE it!

K.Jones said...

LOVE it!

Kaye Hanna said...

Love the concept. I'd like one of those, thank you! Just that I don't use shower curtains in my home, but whenever I need one or know someone who might, that would definitely be a first consideration! Congrats Robin!