Thursday, December 13, 2012

Think on Ten Good Things

 Think on Good things....
Yes I am very excited about the arrival of these new fine art bags, and over the top excited about the wallets! See these tonight, December 13, at the opening reception of "Trio",  the final exhibit at The Steinway in Altamonte Springs Florida. The Steinway was my very first solo exhibit venue when I first moved to Orlando. Let's come together as a community to thank Gary and Kathy for the 11 years of hosting art events at the Steinway.

As I prepare I am up at 4 am, mind racing over business, family and holiday. The hustle and bustle this time of year often pulls me in many directions. 
How about you?
I feel I am like a gerbil in it's little wheel spinning like I used to watch ours do when I was a child.  I did not get "it" all done, even though there's still a bit of time, somethings will just not get done this year and so be it, as I will focus on the good things which are all around me.

Think on Good Things that just might occur today.
1. Smiling Voices

2. Wagging Tails
3. Yummy Coffee
4. Fresh Breezes
5. Holiday Treats
6. A Friendly Wave
7. Giggles
8. A Nice Note or Card
9. Watching a bird fly
10. Clean running water 

"Bloom Where You Are" Robin Maria Pedrero

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