Sunday, January 20, 2013

Fine Art America has Options

I am loving my Fine Art America online storefront. I just added some of my newest teapot paintings, two of which originals are at the Orlando Museum of Art Gift Shop. 

 This is Tea Spot in progress but take a peek at the variety of ways
this image can be received on Fine Art America. Link here

and this one, the original also at the museum....

Now take a moment to look at all the ways you can have this image via Fine Art America - Spot of Tea. Amazing huh?

I am enjoying this shop so much I've even added some of my photography. My very first job I was a photographer for a youth work program in our town. I've always enjoyed to take photos.

Another wonderful feature that I am thrilled to have at FAA is having my art on metal surfaces, several designers have asked for my art in this manner and now I can easily provide that option.

Check out

tea art

tea photos


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1 comment:

Suzie Carr said...

Loving the palms photo! Very pretty stuff:-)