Saturday, January 05, 2013

Making the Top Artist List - and Goals

Thank you Annie Strack for placing my name in your Top Artists to Watch List I am truly honored. 

Now I must really give people something to watch! So I could say the challenge is on trying not to think the pressure is on! And here I am in the beginning of a new year with an open schedule - a rarity. (read here if you missed the post )

Typically each year I share my goals, and like a well oiled machine that keeps moving forward I have many practices which I use that enable me to keep my goals in my sights and move towards hitting my prospective targets.
I will;
Continue my practices of using social media using twitter, facebook, google+
Continue to Database my art; photograph, input size, ground, title, medium into Artwork Archive
Continue Newsletter
Continue to keep Bookkeeping up to date
Continue to update Website regularly
Continue to build relationships and give attention to present ones(this statement includes galleries, museums, art collectors, etc)
Continue to make art, grow as an artist, learn new things, bring joy and make a difference.
Continue to design and offer my designs on scarves, bags, fashions and household items

On new Goals I wish to;

Gain new gallery representation
Have a Museum Exhibition

One might note my list seems a bit vague compared to past years and one thing I've changed is sharing specific ideas and goals which are now kept to small groups or to myself.

For learning purposes to those I mentor here's last years post which gives links to years of goal making Tweaking Goals.

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