Tuesday, January 01, 2013

What do you suggest? Museum, Galleries, Residency

What I am about to ask stems from two occurrences;the second half of 2012 being a very slow producing and difficult time for me to function (as I shared in a previous post) and I recently lost my word. I had a word for 2013. It meant more than thriving. I can't find it anywhere, not on paper, computer nor am I able to retrieve it from my very own brain! Sometimes I think it was an e word...  Moving on, as per my usually end of the year I listed my accomplished goals and shortcomings. The next task would be to list my specific goals for 2013, this is where you come in.

Typically this time of year I have already secured exhibits, and have a body of new large art works in progress. This year I only have 2 large paintings in the works, some mid sized and many small ones ready. I have requests from several of my galleries, and museum gift shops for new original works and also more silk scarves, cell cases and fine art bags to fulfill. I will be working steadily creating two large bodies of work which I am inspired to produce - but my concept is a secret. I am considering options in my career and I am asking for some suggestions from you. My website can give you a bit of insight if you need more details about me. I'd like to have more museum exhibits, gain more gallery representation, perhaps consider a residency, and create more print on demand (POD) items, including fabric. Do you have any ideas to suggest for me? A gallery you think would be a good fit for my art? A museum exhibit opportunity? Who do you know that you think you might want to introduce me and my art to in order for my career to grow? Please feel free to leave a comment or contact me directly arts@gallery523.com . I appreciate your helping me to succeed and offering ideas for consideration.

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Frankie Messina said...

thinking cap is on... you have an incredible talent, and an impressive body of diverse work.. so this may take me and you and a big bottle of wine to discuss.. happy new year Robin! ,frankie

jason said...

Hi Robin,
I think your artwork would be a good fit at the gallery that reps me here in Thunder Bay, Canada. chenierfinearts.ca I have a very good relationship with the owner and would be glad to introduce you, if you'd like. Would the border be a problem for you? I've shipped artwork to the USA many times and so far haven't encountered any problems. Would you be willing to give me a referral in return? I am also interested in finding more representation.
Happy New Year!
Jason Nelson (@StoneSculptorJN)

Janet Vanderhoof said...

We have a museum at Santa Clara University that is smaller than the usual museum, but shows quality work. Perhaps there is a museum of that sort, near a university to start with. Also we have a nice museum in a quaint town called Los Gatos Art Museum, I've always wanted to show my work there.

Robin Pedrero said...


Hi! Thank you for your willingness to make a very personal introduction to a gallery that represents your work. I am very excited! The border is not a problem, as a matter of fact I have a handful of Canadian art collectors.
I would be more than willing to give you a referral.
I have 2 venues that pop into mind. One that represents me, and one who I am friends with. I'll contact you personally.

Happy New Year!!!

Renee Phillips said...

Congratulations Robin for making Annie Strack's top artists' list. You deserve it!