Monday, February 18, 2013

Art Collector Reviewed

Those who know me KNOW I love just about everything about art.  

This is a piece in my art collection 
Heart by Donna Dowless
I am sharing about one of my art collectors, who like me is an artist who also collects art.
Meet my friend, artist and art collector Donna Dowless.
Donna with Pedrero painting"Jewels" purchased for her collection
"Jewels" was painted in part during a workshop I taught for YAG where Donna watched me create. When she visited my studio (shown above)  last year during A FAVO Friday night she felt something special about this painting and added it to her art collection.

Donna's recent exhibit received a fabulous review by Chloe J. Roberts here in Orlando Art Review

Coeur d’Amour: Donna Dowless’ Heart and Soul Exhibition at Grand Bohemian Gallery by
Chloe J. Roberts

 "Jewels" is available as a reproduction in my etsy shop

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