Thursday, February 14, 2013

SPOTLIGHT Judy of StoneWyre

 Today's SPOTLIGHT is Judy of StoneWyre 

I wear pieces of StoneWyre and I am curious ...Do your pieces have stories? 
Name one in particular.

Natural Tektite Point Sterling Silver Handcrafted Pendant Unisex

I like cool rocks and this tektite from Argentina is just that. These stones are found intermittently scattered across hundreds of miles of Argentinian plain believed to have been created by a meteor impact 500million years ago! 

While some believe that the heat of the giant meteor merely hitting the Earth with such impact spewed superheated dirt, others believe it could actually have "splashed" dirt and rocks into the atmosphere, where they were melted and compacted as they rained back to Earth from gravity. Either way, they are a pretty cool piece of ancient geologic history and fortunately are just the size to wear as a cool, conversation piece of jewelry for either sex!

Garnet in Mica Pendant Necklace Handcrafted Sterling Silver Wire Wrapped Cage

I have an affinity for unusual stones. 

The more unique the shape, color, composition, or rarity, the better I like it! This stone is an unusual silvery mica with big rough chunks of rich red garnet embedded in it. I've only seen them once and I snagged only two because of their quality. This one proved to be a real challenge to set. Initially, I wanted to wrap it very minimally, but it needed more of a feminine touch. The garnets needed to be seen unimpeded, and I wanted the silver mica of the rest of the stone to show through. I finally decided on a modified netting and love the results!

Do you envision your work or create impromptu?

I don't have a "style" per se. Each stone is unique and has to be approached uniquely. I will often go through my stash until a particular stone "talks" to me. I'll hold it for a while and just contemplate its shape, construction, lines, and feel. The setting has to complement the stone, but it has to hold it securely, too. The tektite, for example, required a more simple setting and bright silver detracted from the stone itself. Darkening the silver, called "oxidizing", resulted in just the desired effect!

How do your customers respond to StoneWyre creations?

I love getting thank you notes or emails from customers when they receive their StoneWyre creation. An artist loves to get the feedback from the recipients of their work! I feel more like I adopt pieces out than simply sell them. Nothing is so satisfying as to get a message like "Wow, this pendant is absolutely gorgeous! ... I love it. Thank you for making this very special and unique pendant available." or feedback like "The pendant I purchased from this shop is one of the most beautiful and unique pieces of jewelry I have ever seen. The seller was absolutely wonderful to work with."

My original title to this blog post was "How Meteors help Embellish your body with StoneWyre " however due to the meteor striking Russia and injuring people I choose to change the title in respect to the injured and hardships from this surprising tragedy. My heart goes out to those injured.
Thanks for stopping by to read a SPOTLIGHT feature on StoneWyre here on Pocket Full of Colors! 
~Robin Maria Pedrero
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danielle said...

High impact focus on Judy's beautiful wearable art. Love it!

danielle said...

High impact focus on Judy's beautiful wearable art. Love it!