Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Preparing For an Exhibit at a Tea Shop @Infusion_Tea

Drinking tea is a personal, family and friend activity in my life. 
I am so glad Frankie and Naomi who run Soft Exposure at Infusion Tea invited me to exhibit my colorful, floral and tea themed works.

 The reception is March 27th 2013, 6pm - 7 pm. 

I've been having fun working on some new paintings 
to just for the exhibit.

These unique long sizes work wonderfully in kitchen spaces, 
especially under or above cabinets

I am particularly excited about the somewhat exotic flavor
and simplicity of this new 24" x 18" painting.
I've shared about teas before like these posts

What's your favorite tea? 
Do you have special cups for your tea?
Or a teapot?

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Angela Taylor said...

Chai Ultra Spice fine black tea is my favorite!!! I love tea!!! I was stuck on green tea for the longest time but I am madly in love with Chai black tea right now. I love your works Robin!!! Congratulations on the exhibit!!!

Robin Pedrero said...

Oh Angela I do not believe I've ever had Chai Ultra Spice - I must try it!
Thank you I am thrilled you love my works of art!

La déménageuse said...

Drawing or painting teapots is my favorite. I'm a beginner ( and french...). I love a lot of teas. Spicy one, roibos ( wich is not a tea ..), green chinese tea, and pure jasmin. Of course I have my spécial cups and mugs...

Robin Pedrero said...

La demenageuse, Ohhh thank you for your response. I do love roibos (yes it is grass) AND so glad to hear you have special mugs and cups!!!