Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Shot through the Heart #Art for the Broken Hearted

I  have painted many love stories.
Yet with strong love emotions
there's also the counterpart of being broken hearted.
Something many of us have experienced.

Scorned, sad, blue valentines .....

 feels like a Shot Through the Heart with an arrow
or maybe angry shots the other way around.
Art has a way of speaking many different emotions.

this 8 x 8" painting is available for purchase.
$60 and $5 shipping

I originally created this piece for the day of the dead celebration in downtown Orlando. The partner piece is with an art collector. Here are both just so you can see the other painting too

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Angela Taylor said...

Valentine's day this year isn't 100% wonderful for me. The reason's you said and many more. Like your day of the dead painting though...I let the past die but learn from the memories of it. I try to anyway. I can't say that I'm always wonderful at it. Anyway love your work! *HUGS*

Robin Pedrero said...

Thanks so much Angela!! Happy Valentine's Day ...Happy Thursday!!!!