Monday, April 22, 2013

The Value of Creative People in Your City

There are numerous discussions and studies regarding
creativity and economic development. 

Jackson's Chameleon by Robin Maria Pedrero reflecting on diaspora and adaptation

As an artist, board member and having worked in previous administrative positions for arts centers, museums and organizations I encountered many discussions regarding this subject.  It's always of interest to me how the arts impact development, industry, economy, science, education, events, outreach, charities, nightlife and more. 
A thriving creative culture has been linked as a key to a thriving economy. 
"In 1942, the economist Joseph Schumpeter argued that creativity was the soul of economic development. For decades, his “innovation economics” theory was treated as an interesting, not-entirely-convincing concept.
In the last decade, however, and especially since the 2008 economic crisis, Schumpeter’s ideas are taking the main stage." Flynn Coleman
  It's interesting as to the commentaries for each city on this post of America's Most Creative Cities.  And look at Detroit finding creative solutions 

While in my Florida...

That's my friend Brandy Renee's Art on the cover of Orlando Arts
 Brandy Renee is on facebook  you can like her page

Learn how arts and culture strengthen the economy, promote learning and wellness, build leadership and advance design and development.

I live in Orlando and I know there is a strong creative element here
and there is an invested community in Central Florida. 
and my studio is at FAVO a venture for the Park Lake Presbyterian Church
where an old motel is being refurbished into artist studios. 
Me (Robin Maria Pedrero) and Will Benton Director of FAVO
at a local fundraiser for the Art & History Museum
 In wanting to make a difference, 
share, support and elevate the arts I created Orlando Art Review
Do you value the creative people in your city?
Does your city value creative people? 
How do you think creative people make a difference where you live?

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