Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Sweet Like Sugar on Textured Archival Paper

"Sweet Like Sugar"

 Kinda quirky title? Over and over those are the words that kept coming up in my mind
as I finished this piece. ..and with a southern accent...I was thinking primarily about women and our spaces as I worked on this series "Garden Sonata". 
SPECIAL THANKS ..The series title was suggested by my friend Bonnie Bruno - photographer and creative entrepreneur - here's her Etsy Shop

I am quite excited to share my art on this new paper I've selected for some of my reproductions.
It has a wonderful tooth, which is a word for texture.
Here is a close up. What do you think?

The reproductions are available in my etsy shop

I work in a series so I began by painting three 10" x 8" canvases with pinks and blues. 
Towards the finishing moments I was also working on a collaboration where I used gold leaf so I placed  a few flecks of gold leaf in the originals. Here are the 3 finished pieces together.

Mother's Day?
Act quick if you want direct shipping and personalized messages on the back of the pieces from the artist -
In the Garden Sonata series each piece is $200 and even better all 3 for $450.
just call me - 407-312-8649

Here they are in my studio. The three to the right.

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