Thursday, May 16, 2013

When a fable becomes a fact

 My painting "It Ain't a Fable Baby"  is now on pillows, shower curtains and more!


I am so excited to have expanded ways that my art can be used as decor.

 How cool are these! Throw pillows with "It Ain't A Fable Baby" are now a fact!
See here on Cafe Press

Can you envision this for your bath? I am so excited to offer this.

The number of people who choose the Mariposa shower curtain took me by surprise.
 I just think that this is such a fun way to use the images I've created,
taking them from wall art to decorative and functional items.

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1 comment:

Lisa Graham said...

The pillows are awesome Robin! That's the first I've seen of those...way cool!