Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Do you decorate around or add the art later?

Here's a space designed by Pamela Koudelka specifically designed around my art

This room turned out gorgeous! 
I am always taken by surprise at the unique ways people can display my art.
That teal frame color is perfect! 
And the pop between the decorative bowl and the berries is juicy!

Perhaps this way of decorating by having a clean slate to work with is not an option
since you have some pieces in your home that you cherish,
  a work of art is in line as the finishing touch.

How do you find a perfect finishing touch piece of art?
As an artist who works with designers and art collectors 
I know how to use my style and work within certain color palettes. 
I find it a fun challenge, and I love to bring elements of a room
 or symbols of people's lives into the painting.

Breaking the Silence 12 x 12 by Robin Maria Pedrero

Another option is to inquire with your favorite artists as to specific colors and subjects.
I have an album on Flickr where I post my available works of art. 
so my collectors and galleries can visit often and have info at their fingertips. 
My goal is to keep this album updated as soon as I finish work, 
but I admit sometimes I list several  new pieces in one day.

I just added this NEW painting above, filled with earth tones, rust, golds, 
yellow, teal, aqua, shades of green, blue and grays and white.
This painting is quite versatile with blue and gold. 

I like this post by Decorator Donna Frasca giving


Donna Frasca said...

The colors that you have in your painting Robin are so perfect for any home. With blue now in just about every home, those hues will coordinate beautifully which is also why I mentioned gold to be a great addition for a paint color as well. Thanks for adding my link to your post :-)

Janet Vanderhoof said...

My entire remodel of my bedroom was designed around a painting I purchased of Duane Alts. It was a great inspiration. But I also do it the other way around.