Saturday, June 29, 2013

Just 3 Days to Get Portrait or Commission Locked In

Ending the GIANT JUNE ART SALE with a BANG of a DEAL!


 Commission a painting, pastel or charcoal piece of art
at 30% off
(make your non refundable down payment this week for 30 % off)
 Portrait Price List 

Commissions for Paintings 
Been dreaming of that scene we discussed.... now is the time to secure your spot
and at a great deal 30% off.

Have a piece of art created specifically for you and your space.

The size, content and detail determine the price
Everything is customized. 
Consultation is free.
Call to discuss 407-312-8649
or email
Robin Maria Pedrero 

this offer expires July 1st



Janet Bocciardi said...

Beautiful Robin! I'm going to share on my Amazine.

Robin Pedrero said...

Oh Thank you Janet!!