Monday, June 10, 2013

Multi Purpose Studio Space is Ever Changing

My studio space is a multipurpose space 

for the many facets of my business. 

Sometimes it looks like this
Sporadically hung paintings
Art making in progress ..

Then there are events in my studio where guests visit all evening.

the art and exhibits change 

 AGAIN and again each month.

  I do demos and I teach art

sometimes groups meet in my studio and we work on projects,
do critiques and have lunch.

During the week it seems like a little whirlwind has come through

 as I create and pack and ship art

other days I teach art marketing, business and 
social network media
and it looks like this..

How many different ways do you use the space you are in?

One of the best items that helps me utilize my space
 in so many different ways are my folding tables.

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Jaime Haney at said...

I love to see your studio Robin. I wasn't aware you did all that teaching, I love how versatile your space is. Do you have any kind of special tables? My studio space isn't nearly as functional. You really do have a great space and how wonderful it must be to be around so many other artists all the time. I get a little lonely in my studio sometimes.

Robin Pedrero said...

I use folding tables, I have 2 square and a long rectangular one. A long time ago I used a table that had a leaf in the center but it was too cumbersome for me to move around. I also work on so many different sized pieces that the multiple tables are really a help.
I teach 1 day a week usually.

Maura Satchell said...

If I recall, you had "First Friday" events over in Orlando area. Am I right? Will you be involved in one next Friday (July 5)? I'm hoping to make the trek cross the Corridor!

Maura Satchell said...

Now that I'm down here across the I-4 Corridor from you, I'm hoping to get to see you and recall you mentioned you had "First Friday" open studio events? Is that right? July 5? I'm hoping to come over. Details please!

Robin Pedrero said...


Yes FAVO has an event every first Friday.

I will not be there personally on the July first friday though... bummer... we can plan another time