Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Checkerboard and Designs Spotted while Traveling Part III

 The history of checkerboard in design

crosses every area from board games, sports, clothing, musicians,  flooring, decor, artworks, like that of graphic artist MC Escher, and flags. A Quick History of Checkerboard Floors is a fantastic source of information on the subject. I have used checkerboard patterns in my art.

The Corvette Museum Tennessee

At an ice cream shop in Kentucky

 I am often excited to see murals as I travel.. it was raining but this piece in Nashville brightened my day.

The artist really created a strong word picture of Nashville with great design

Who doesn't love a cool arty bus?

I look for patterns and how other artists use them in their works of art

Creative... Soul Food.

One of the things our family does while traveling is go to places from the food network,this trip we looked at some from Diners, Drive thrus and Dives and Man vs Food so we indulged in some soul food in Atlanta shown above Daddy D'z, and what a creative establishment. In Nashville we went to Princes Hot Chicken Shack, but they were closed because there was a Hot Chicken Festival

Checkerboard Floor too!
So we went to the festival AND I would travel all the way to Nashville just for this chicken!

While in Berea Kentucky my eye was drawn to the table legs and the carpet pattern.

I am always noting in the decor of establishments like hotels and restaurants.
Do you find patterns and designs that repeatedly attract you?

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