Monday, July 15, 2013

Travel and Inspiration Part II

 There is nothing so recognizable as Michelangelo's David. I was fortunate to see THE David in Florence, quite impressive, within a very intimate space. How delightful to see this Golden David outside of the 
21 C Museum Hotel in Louisville Kentucky.  The 21 C  is very unique.


I've only sculpted a little in soapstone. So it is completely out of my element,
although I have a great desire to be able to sculpt or create large sculptures.
Imagine creating a massive sculpture of a human?
Or of a human and an animal?
Like this famous horse Barbaro and jockey.

While at the Kentucky Derby Museum - we must do hats.
I am quite inspired to create a hat!

 I must share I was quite surprised at what fun the Kentucky Derby Museum was for the whole family.

Then we hopped on the Bourbon Trail. Yes there really is a Bourbon Trail, even a Passport
Here's one of my favorite "shots" of Maker's Mark.
I learned so much on this tour!
The couple who developed the bourbon
baked bread to discover the best flavor for their Maker's Mark.
 ALSO of interest was that the wife designed the bottle, the label, the grounds,
and the use of the color black on all of the buildings (to keep  from seeing mold.)
She insisted that the bottles be dipped in red wax. It is always of interest to me how
one thing can inspire help in creative problem solving
for something else,  sometime it's even completely unrelated.
The marketing and presentation of a product makes a big impact.
Quality is of the utmost importance.

My Reflections on my art and business
I reflect on the art I make and that I use quality paints.
I know that my reproductions
are on archival papers and shipped in protective packaging.
I include free gift wrapping too.
I think my art stands out from the crowd with a unique recognizable style.

Crazy cool horse shoes at the Kentucky Derby Museum

Inspiration for your creativity, your work, and your business
can often come from the life stories, work and experiences of others.
 Have you experienced something that spurred
you to create or motivated you in your work during your travels?

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