Thursday, August 01, 2013

Friendship Blooms

This is the original "Friendship Blooms"

"Friendship Blooms"  by Robin Maria Pedrero

Congratulations to my collector Melissa in Connecticut (we went to high school together!)  who is a deep collector (term for a collector who owns more than 3 originals of one artist's work) She said she'd been patiently waiting for her piece. (you know how a piece of art just calls to you...) AND she knew this was it as soon as she saw it, drawn to the flowers and color palette. We titled it together "Friendship Blooms". 

I was offering reproductions of this piece
as a 10 x 8" image with white border on 11 x 14" hot press archival paper 
only 20 limited editions hand signed
at a preorder price of $40 and $5 priority shipping USA

Friendship Blooms is listed here in my shop

No other print reproductions will be offered.
 Note cards with words printed on them will also become available
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