Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Lifeguard Station has a home in Dallas Texas, what?

I recently created a series of Lifeguard Stations.

"Sea Salt Rescue" Robin Maria Pedrero

My series began with a lifeguard station  in a design with a conceptual approach
symbolic of the experience of lifeguard, safety, guarding, rescue, save, abandonment, and keeping watch.

This painting above was purchased by Tonya from Texas.
I was still in the process of giving pieces in the series titles
when Tonya shared her story with me, inspiring me to title this painting
in honor of her, "Sea Salt Rescue". 

Ten years ago Tonya became ill with a rare auto-immune disease which inflamed her muscles and skin.  These products she makes with sea salt and natural oils changed her life and brought her into remission. Physical therapy enabled her to walk again.

I have tried the Aransas SEA SALT SCRUB and LOVE it!

Mediterranean Sea Salt ~ exfoliation, minerals.
Pure Cold Pressed Sweet Almond Oil ~ melts at our body temperature, softens, and moisturizes deeply,
contains vitamins A,B,E, minerals, fatty acids, and protein.
Lemon Essential Oil ~ circulation, antiseptic, tightens skin.
Ginger Root ~ applied topically stimulates circulation, soothes stiff joints and muscles.
Honey ~ natural antiseptic.

 Do you have a rescue story?

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Gail Peck said...

I had that series of photos at FAVO about security and how we look to man made locks to ensure our security which in turn gives us a false sense of security. I like the new lifeguard series. It makes me think that God is our ultimate lifeguard.

Robin Pedrero said...

Thank you Gail!