Monday, September 23, 2013

Unique Jasper YAY Beads! ..and coffee?

I was asked to create some coffee ACEO's for one of my art collectors. I must say she makes the most incredible jewelry which I am fortunate to wear. She has the most gorgeous stones and beads in her shop YAY Beads.

  Royal Imperial Jasper Focal Bead 7-piece Fan Pendant Natural Earth Tones

YAY Beads!

These are exquisite!

I have a long time adoration for stones and rocks.
Their beauty and feel and history are intriguing.
YAY Beads gives you a story about the stones

Thanks YAY Beads for the feature on your blog.
where you share the art I recently created for you.

One of the wonderful aspects about creative friends and collectors is how we inspire one another. Your request inspired me to create some small cup pieces like this little 4" Dainty Cup. 

Cafe con leche 

 A cup of cafe con leche while you browse Yay Beads.

Are coffee and unique stones part of your day?

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Angeline-Marie Martinez said...

Cafe con leche is a part of special days like all days that are off from my day job.

Coffee is part of my day job shake snack....

Stones, well, I try to drink enough water to avoid those (JOKE - bad one, but still!).

Stones like the YAY are gorgeous. You would've gone wild for some of the beauties on the shores of New Foundland, Canada! I could only bring tiny ones home, LOL>

Robin Pedrero said...

ahh two types of coffee for two different types of days.
lol on the joke.

I always appreciate your comments

Judy said...

Thank you, Robin! I'm delighted you like those beads...and I'm delighted with your mini-coffee paintings. I adore coffee and may have to plan a visit to Florida to try out your coffee drinks!


Pamela Hunt Lee said...

Thank you for sharing Yay Beads....I was not familiar with them and took a buying look at their web site today!