Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A Day in The Life of An Artist

My mind begins working while still  under the covers 
and I bounce out of bed.
Turn on computer to check conversations,
mail, orders, sales, market, deliveries etc. Coffee.

Enchanted Woods in Autumn

Step into studio to study work from previous day. 

Paint. Work. Create. 

Music. Tea.

 Finish. Begin. Finish

Photograph. Database.

 Prepare "Enchanted Woods in Autumn" work for delivery. 
Drive to deliver/install art ( ribbon cutting this week)

"Orange Zest" canvas reproduction

While delivering use blue tooth in car to catch up
on business & friends
pick up art prints and canvases
Get a new shirt for event
Prepare and sign prints and canvases.
Package, label and ship art, reproductions & accessories.
Check in on social media & mail
Work on donation art piece, music box for Daytona Symphony silent auction.

Work on pieces for exclusive series for Messages of Hope.

 Layer more paint on canvases in progress

"Fox in Forest"

Clean up. Photo editing. Address postcards.
Share, interact with fans and art collectors. 
Pretty much so repeat tomorrow with an addition of an evening art event.
I LUV IT!! - Robin Pedrero

So tell me do you have the same occupation
or a different occupation and do some similar tasks?

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Terri Davis said...

Whew, I got tired just reading your list of daily routine. It's hard work being an artist!

Casa Vilora Interiors said...

I just love your work! And such a simple way of sharing a day in your life

Jaime Haney at www.jaimehaney.com said...

Are are a busy artist! Isn't that wonderful?? That means business is good! I hope to get as busy with the business end of things as you some day. I love your new little fox painting. How long does it generally take you to complete a painting once you have the general idea in your mind? Just curious :-)

Thanks for the peek.

Robin Pedrero said...

Thank you! Yes someday is not as far off as you think. Keep persevering. I also have a new site to help artists with tips that will be something you could join in the near future.

I wish I had a time formula to share on how long it takes however they all vary. I begin many pieces at once and work in layers until they are all done. The one at the top of my post, the large piece Enchantment was almost a year long process. The new little fox has been brewing inside my mind, however the painting was an in progress layering of a loose background so when I began with the specific trees the space just seemed like the perfect spot for the fox! So it took about 3 days to finish so a week in all with varnish etc.
I'm glad you stopped by Jaime!

Robin Pedrero said...

Thanks Casa Vilora!

Robin Pedrero said...

Terri - yes? I don't know how - YOU work hard yourself as an artist and designer - I know that!

Kung Phoo said...

Wow you day is truly a crazy busy one! From start to finish!

Kelly Dees said...

You definitely do beautiful work..

wow101 said...

WOW! You are one busy woman! I love your work, especially the ones with birds. Thanks for sharing. I look forward to seeing your new art. :)

BeadZPassionista said...

Love behind the scene posts. So enlightning. Most of us have no idea about a day in the life of an artist.

Tina said...

You have the patience of Job! It's a good thing you have the talents to do this type of work!

Jaime Haney at www.jaimehaney.com said...

I am interested in finding more info about your artist tips site Robin. Do you have it going already and if so, where can I find it?

Simona R. Stefanescu said...

Busy life and you seem to be having fun! I loved reading about your day.

Simona R. Stefanescu said...

You have a busy life and seem to enjoy every minute of it. I loved reading about your day!

Runningmyspace said...

You have beautiful art and such a full life to keep things fun! Great Job Robin. I do have some drawings on Redbubble and the Fineart sites.

Thanks for sharing :)

CarlaGardinerOnline said...

I'm not an artist in the true form of the word Robin. But, I am a woman over 50 who redefined success by starting a business using social media to earn money, get referrals and build a team faster. That in and of itself is an art form. My daily tasks are similar to yours with intricate differences in that I also work a job. Love your art, the colors and lines. In some ways I'm envious of your artist talent...

Pat Moon said...

Busy, busy. However without all that activity your art would probably not be enjoyed by the multitudes. Great plan for great art.

Pat Moon said...

Busy, busy. However without all that activity your art would probably not be enjoyed by the multitudes. Great plan for great art.

Katrina said...

Wow, you are busy and your paintings are beautiful. Thank you for sharing your passion.

Robin said...

That is awesome...And I thought I was busy...keep it up girl..!have a great weekend..!