Saturday, November 02, 2013

Pedrero Artwork at the Galleria Portofino in the Loews Portofino Bay Hotel #Orlando

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Pedrero Artwork at the Galleria Portofino
in the Loews Portofino Bay Hotel 



The Galleria Portofino at Universal Orlando Florida
has many delights, like Vera Bradley Bags!

and now my art too!

If you are planning to visit the Loews Portofino Hotel
please stop by the Galleria Portofino
ask Jeanine to point out the
Robin Maria Pedrero Paintings


Anonymous said...

Congratulations. Neat style. Very colorful. I will be sure to swing by Orlando to take a look.

Karen Terry said...

I wish I lived closer to Orlando, Fla....I am in awe of your art!

wow101 said...

WOW! Your art is so beautiful! Love the colors. Thanks for sharing.

Robert Manea said...

What great pieces.. My son (12) is really into art.. he really liked them also.

Tina said...

This artwork is amazing, and the venue is wonderful for you. Congratulations!

Dawn Lanier said...

What a lovely collection, and a great display of your work. Congratulations and much success!

Terri Davis said...

I really like the way your art was displayed on hanging rods and cloth. Your art was a great addition to the gallery!

Pat Moon said...

This is my first visit to your site. I love the way you bring fabric into the art. I used to own a fabric store and love fabric art. The piece "Ophelia" really has caught my eye.. the way it flows so softly.

R & R Web Design LLC said...

Absolutely beautiful, Robin! Thank you for sharing!

Doiron said...

Your Art is really beautiful Robin! Very colourful, love he fabrics !

Doiron said...

Beautiful artwork Robin. Really love the colours and the way you use fabric!