Friday, January 17, 2014

Just how did the Orange County Public Library Pedrero Exhibition come about?

Narratives of Nature at the Orange County Public Library

 Here's one of 5 walls at the Orange County Public Library with my art displayed.

I must say I absolutely love the way my art looks in this space! 
 Many artists have asked being curious as to how to land an exhibit in a public place. My story is a little unique.  I've been published in several Florida magazines, received awards and gained recognition which brought my name to the attention of the coordinator of the public art program here in Orlando Florida at the Orange County Public Library, however I was contacted because of my last name. My last name Pedrero is Cuban. I am frequently invited to participate in exhibits which are primarily for Latino artists. (continue reading)

The walls are nice and contemporary

This space is great for large pieces.

 I typically decline these invitations as I feel there are so many full blooded Latinos that deserve these opportunities, where I married into this last name. Although my heritage is an eighth from Venezuela via my great grandfather Carlos, like many Americans I have a melting pot of nationalities.  I am also half Italian, English, Scottish and German. After I explained why I declined, Sara (coordinator) responded that she really loved my work and had long been wanting to have my work exhibited and invited me for a solo exhibit.

This area is just prior to entering the Children's Library

For artists seeking public art opportunities in your community try to build awareness by participating in local events, be published, and make sure your website and contact information are broadcast so you can easily be reached. Research your opportunities and establish contacts in your area.

This wall is the first view upon walking in through the main entrance


I am so pleased with the posters created by library staff. One funny surprise was when I saw the image they used of me on the poster,  I had not sent this to them but they found this image on facebook,  someone visiting FAVO walking by my studio snapped this picture and posted it on facebook.

Planning an exhibit like this takes time and space. The commitment and contract were signed months in advance. On the walk through I was given a wall map with measurements. This was so handy! It is rare to receive a wall map with the exact measurements of each wall. Many thanks to Sara L. Brown,  Community Outreach and Administrative Coordinator. Usually I have to measure the walls in the space so this was a big time saver.  I was quite excited knowing I could install  artworks that are large. To curate the installation I used my whole house, laid all the work out around the rooms, then I would move art around to establish the placement and flow of the exhibit. I made 3 minor changes at the actual installation. 

I must share that I am elated with the comments from those visiting the space.
Thank you!
Robin Maria Pedrero

GREAT Question +Terri Davis ! The exhibit is viewable through the end of February. 
Here's the Library Exhibit link

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Laura said...

Wonderful Robin,

Terri Davis said...

Your display of art looks wonderful! How long will the exhibit be up? I am so happy you had this opportunity!

Robin Pedrero said...

Thank you Laura!

Robin Pedrero said...

Terri Davis - Great question!!!

Through the end of February. Thank you!

Gregory Stock said...

well done! congratulations again

Gregory Stock said...

well done! congratulations again

BeadZPassionista said...

My first thought upon seeing this article was" How fabulous her large paintings look? What a great space and layout."

Your beautiful art work deserves this space, recognition and for all to enjoy.

Robin Pedrero said...

Thanks Roz!!!

wow101 said...

WOW! Your art is gorgeous and being displayed here shows it off even more! Just lovely! Congrats, Robin. Your art makes me smile! :)

Doiron said...

What an exciting time for you! Woohoo! Beautiful art, great colors... Happy for you!!! :)

Nate Leung said...

Hello Robin,

Love the images that you've shared today. I can always appreciate art. Thanks for sharing and have a great week ahead!

LadyLike said...

Congratulations on your solo exhibition. How wonderful. They all look wonderful.

Lorii Abela said...

These are beautiful! Congratulations!

A. Lynn Jesus said...

What beautiful art. I love the service you give by sharing this beauty with others via exhibits. I really like how you advocate a proactive approach - to research, reach out and participate. Great advice!

Kung Phoo said...

Cobgrats! That is amazing, and your work speaks for itself!

Anonymous said...

awesome job, this is a lot of work and i love where it is disp

Anonymous said...


Sharon O'Day said...

I would imagine it is very enlightening to see your own work in a different environment, especially since the walls and lighting of course are different. Congrats on the exhibition!

joangogreenlivegreen said...

Fantastic post Robin!!!

Marilyn Arriaga said...

Very very nice! Congrats on landing that amazing opportunity. By the way, I am only an hour and a half from you. Did you attend Florida's Blogger Conference last year? I was there, and will be there again this year.

Robin Strohmaier said...

Robin, it is always such a pleasure to visit your page and read your articles. Your work is breathtaking. I do hope that one day I will be able to see it in person.

Katrina said...

Very cool! congratulation on the showing. Love your story behind how it all came about. The key was that you networked. That is a powerful tool. :)