Monday, February 17, 2014

Moody Woods; a small piece with a lot of drama

 The sunlight coming through the trees is probably one of my most favorite things.
I like the silhouetted forms. I like the shadows. I adore the glimmering changes
of intense and pastel colors in the light and shadows.

I searched to find a poem or quote to post and found this beauty here 

"Moody woods

surround me

and I take flight

with gossamer wings;

flit among golden leaves,

lighting on broken branches." 

poem by Marty Goes to Mars

I am very happy to have a new bike to ride
and experience various views of inspiration like this sunlight coming through the trees.

Even though I am almost 50 I tend to reflect on and take part in childhood joys,
 like riding my bike, and watching the lights and shadows come through 
trees. Even closing my eyes while a passenger in a car
and watching the colors flash through my eyelids,
(do you know if there's an official term for that?)
is entertainment and inspirational. 
Ok I'm a big kid. 
What little joys can you recall from your childhood
that continue to bring you joy as an adult?

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Karin Ellen said...

Three years ago I started to build a doll house. That really brings out the little girl in me :-)

Heidi Fuqua said...

The piece is beautiful, and why is it that no matter how old you are riding a bike is so much fun?

Robin Pedrero said...

Heidi YES!!! It is soo much fun! I just took a quick spin

Robin Pedrero said...

Oh Karin Ellen how wonderful to get to build a dollhouse. DO you ever post pictures of it?