Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Royal Plumes are peacocks in a garden

"Royal Plumes" is the title that several of us on my fb page
came up with together,
for these peacocks I painted.
 Specifically a white and blue peacock 

"Royal Plumes" by Robin Maria Pedrero


Again and again my inspiration begins in my roots of childhood experiences.
Our local park we went to as children in Connecticut had peacocks.
The shrill peacock cries would echo across the water, and through the woods.
Nearby was the Memorial Rose Garden.

 Years Go By

I've photographed many peacocks, in America, Sweden, and tropical places,
knowing one day that I'd be creating art using the reference images. I made a few small paintings with 
whimsical styled peacocks. I've envisioned several paintings of peacocks. Now in nearby  Winter Park Florida peacocks roam neighborhoods and their city emblem is a peacock.


I buy a square canvas, gesso it, charcoal in hand and BAM!

I ask myself.. Why didn't I do this sooner.
 Another self lesson in just going for it and creating as I wish.

I am very pleased with the original.
What do you think?



  reproductions on archival museum paper

There are special discounted prices on these Limited Editions
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Is there something you've procrastinated on,
an idea you've put aside, 
you know something in that category that somewhere down the road
you might be inclined to say I shoulda.. well...if it's good

Just Do It. 


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planettreasures said...

That is just beautiful Robin.
I have never seen a white peacock, is there really such a thing?

kavics said...


Heidi Fuqua said...

The peacocks are beautiful.

Terri Davis said...

Lovely! I really enjoyed seeing the progression!

Robin Pedrero said...

Thank you Terri!

Robin Pedrero said...

Thank you Heidi

Robin Pedrero said...

Yes Planettreasures there really are white peacocks, and they are not albino with red eyes, they are white and flowing like a brides's dress!