Thursday, April 10, 2014

Fox Asleep

 "Fox Asleep" has been in progress since last
November 2013 when I finished "Fox in the Forest" 
I am glad to have finished this new fox acrylic painting.

'Fox Asleep" 14" x 11" acrylic on canvas Robin Maria Pedrero

I am happy to get back to having my full studio time, I've missed it even though I've been working on such a worthy project. I've been a bit time consumed with curating the #twitterartexhibit which closes this weekend. We were featured on FOX 35 News.

After I shared this piece on facebook, someone pointed out the painting to another person who actually has a fox that sleeps nestled in a spot within view of her kitchen window. 

I am continually adding original art, reproductions handbags,& pouches to my website  The Silk Scarves page is looking good, with several selections in place. Thanks for returning to see my progress and new additions on my official website. I recently added a Press Page where you will see items like this ...
So excited we made headlines in Moss!

Look we made the Norway paper!! #twitterartexhibit

  Why yes I do have an e-newsletter that goes out, here's the page to get in on it

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Jaime Haney said...

I just love this little fox painting. I think I remember you starting it a few months ago. I know you have been so busy, I don't know how you keep everything going Robin. You are Super Woman!

I saw that paper posted from Norway! How awesome and you look fabulous! Your newly revised website just keeps getting better and better. All the work you are putting into it is really showing.

I am getting so much out of Artist Kiss and am so appreciative of you sharing with me and mentoring me. I remember when I first found you probably through Facebook and just was floored by your beautiful art. You really are an inspiration. Thank you.

Robin Pedrero said...

Thank you Jaime! I am so glad you are enjoying the Artists Kiss group. You are so kind to share and support me and my on goings. I enjoy having you in my life and watching your wings fly!

Jaime Haney said...

Thank you! I'm spreading them wider with more confidence now.