Thursday, May 01, 2014

Gifts for Teachers, Art Teachers and Retired Teachers

There are so many wonderful teachers that we wish to find a gift in remembrance and as a token of gratitude for all of their outpouring encouragement, patience, guidance and life shaping time with our children. 

Something to use at school

Art Teacher Padfolio

 Something to use for lunch

Best Teacher Ever
Art Teacher Canvas Lunch Bag

Retired Art Teacher


Retired Teachers Still Have Class

Retired Teachers Still Have Class

Each of these pieces began with a blank canvas and paint brush.

I painted these images then I scanned or photographed the art to a digital file. The next step was adding making changes and adding text in photoshop. Then I uploaded the images to my Cafe Press templates to make them available for sale. 

There are shirts plates, mugs, tags, jammies, bags, phone cases and more..

Here in my Cafe Press shop

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