Monday, May 05, 2014

Home Overlooking the Sea Painting

I dreamed up this place by sheer desire of wanting to be there. 
I base the details of this work of art on my experiences and some references. 
 "Home Overlooking the Sea" is a 14" x 11" work of art
Yes my originals are for sale.

Home Overlooking the Sea

 I like to share my art works in progress and often do so on my facebook fan page.
I do change my mind as I work on pieces.
I had a creamier color to the house at one point. 

shown in progress and not a sailboat in sight
this painting was so much fun to imagine and bring to life
This piece is a similar to a recent work of art I created. 
Last month I painted "Home by the Sea"
which received raving reviews from my fans
and was sold before I even finished the original.
I have reproductions available and
shared about the yellow home by the sea here.

Do you dream of a home by the sea?

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