Tuesday, August 12, 2014

I've dots before my eyes

Polka dots that is! 

"Yellow Polka Dotted Pink Cup" by Robin Maria Pedrero
 I adore Polka Dots! They are classic. I like them mini, medium and large. 
I like dots in art, decor, fabric and clothes. 
I do not own a real cup like this one, I painted it on canvas for fun. The yellow dots were painted last after all the dots in the background. Perfect for a cafe, kitchen nook, or your favorite sublime spot for a cup.

 The Story behind Polka Dots has some interesting stories like this one by Martha Stewart;

"To capitalize on the popularity of the polka in the late nineteenth century, one enterprising American textile manufacturer coined the term "polka dot" to describe the dots on one of his fabrics. The name stuck, and today the term refers to round, evenly spaced dots of identical size (Martha Stewart, 13)."
 Staying with the dotted theme I created a pale yellow butterfly and daisies

"Daisies and Polka Dotted Yellow Butterfly" by Robin Maria Pedrero
There are white dots like orbs of light floating in the air and the pale yellow butterfly has a dotted body and black and white dots like a doily edge. I also like how the center of the daisies mimic dots. This painting is great for a small spot. It's a happy piece that I hope makes you smile. The 8" x 8" original and prints on archival paper and canvas are on my website.  See here..

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