Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Get yourself art and get a gift

 I have been creating paintings and selecting various images of my work
producing reproductions of my work for several years. 

I  like to experiment and try new methods, papers and packaging.
Shown here are gorgeous colorful perfect reproductions.
When I place my work in galleries, art centers, gift shops etc I like to have a consistent
product, where the papers, borders,  packaging and presentation are uniform.  Typically I now use luster paper for large poster sized reproductions and a hot press paper all other reproductions.
 I have some reproductions on luster paper with various size borders and a variety of packaging that I would like to offer as a gift with your next purchase on my Robin Maria Pedrero .com site 
or my etsy shop  .  These are valued at $20 and $30 each. 

When you make your purchase at
RobinMariaPedrero.com  or in my etsy shop 
I will select one for you,
or you can select from the availability just message me. 

Perhaps this will help with some of your gift shopping.
Let me know if there is any way I can assist you. Thank you!!

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