Thursday, September 04, 2014

Grandmother Creates Incredible Playhouse with Mariposa Shower Curtains

I am excited to share this wonderful playhouse built by a very special grandmother Kathy. 
She is so creative!  The front entrance is my art! Let me tell you the story of how my art came to be the entrance for her granddaughter's playhouse.


I created the painting Mariposa for an art collector years ago and have since offered the image in reproductions and on various products on Cafe Press. Kathy found my Mariposa shower curtain in my Robin Maria Pedrero Designs shop, Nature with the Mariposa Designs.

 I received an unusual message from Cafe Press stating that a customer (Kathy) had asked if I would be willing to offer the image Mariposa flipped. I removed my name from the image in Adobe Photoshop,  as it would have been backwards and created the listing. Here..

Cafe Press had us contact one another which gave me the opportunity to ask Kathy her plan for the two curtains. When she shared that it would be for a playhouse I knew I had to ask for pictures. 

I find this playhouse so magical and I am delighted to have my work as part of this child's world. 
She sent pictures of her darling granddaughter which made me glow. 

 I enjoy to see all the ways people use my art, how they frame it and wear it and live amongst my art. 
Thank you Kathy for sharing these images and for permission to use them as well.

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D. Renee Wilson said...

Robin, this is one of the coolest ways I could think of, as an artist, to have a reproduction of a painting used. Your work will be a part of many epic adventures in this little girls imagination. She'll remember that "door" her entire life. What an honor! <3

Robin Pedrero said...

Sister friend Renee, yes you know my heart and the heart of an artist and how this child's playhouse brings me such joy.

VickiRossArt said...

WOW! How cool is this!!! I'm wanting a playhouse like this...