Saturday, November 15, 2014

The Pre-Christmas Roller Coaster

The holiday decor has hit the stores.
Time is ticking. It's list making time.
I am excited about holiday scents, wreaths, and traditions. 
I enjoy family time. I like good surprises for everyone
and goodwill to all.

However I am such a bah humbug shopper well no that's not true,
it's just that I am not a tireless shopper,
I get frustrated, indecisive, and exhausted in the stores. 

I prefer to buy online.

So I get excited about Christmas then I get anxious and overwhelmed, 
and as the weeks go by the roller coaster ride gets covered
in holiday things, bows, stars and smiles. 
How about you? 

Meet Xoom. 
One of the most rewarding experiences of the holiday season for me is creating commissioned pieces of art or to design accessories.

I fell in love with Xoom while painting him for my art collector in Paris.
I can accept just 2 - 3  more commissions for Christmas. 

Recently a collector saw one piece of the Magi which  I shared in facebook that I created last year which then prompted her to ask if I had any similar of Madonnas ,or Mary. I didn't so she inspired me to paint and I made two. Then in perfect Rube Goldberg form (where one things spurs on another) after I posted the painting another collector asked if I'd make Christmas Cards. So I did and they are quite marvelous! Easy to order online, one image or mixed sets in various quantities. 

I can't wait to send these out, I am so excited.

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VickiRossArt said...

Love Xoom! Great post...