Saturday, January 31, 2015

Robins in a bird bath

The cold weather as you know has gotten quite frosty in some parts recently. 
One of the wonderful advantages of living in Florida is the visitation of migratory birds.

Robins in bird bath

This week our yard was filled with a flock of robins. I've been spotting different birds lately in singles but this was a huge flock! They enjoyed our yard tremendously, joined in at the feeders and spent time at the bird bath. These Robins in bird bath had a great time. Perhaps we were their bed and breakfast stop? (giggles) 
I could not believe this great photo as if they posed for me. My first job as a teen was as a photographer. Way back when film was used and I developed the film into black and white photos as well for that job. I often utilized my photos as references for my artwork. This image is too cute as a photo but might seem a bit contrived as an artwork so I am not sure I will paint this one, but I have a few others from this same  scene to use as art references. 
I do offer my photography available for purchase only in my Fine Art America Shop there's travel images from Italy and wildlife like these turtles

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VickiRossArt said...

Robin, I had to look closely to make sure this WAS a photo instead of a painting! Those colors in the birds and the iridescent tiles in the feeder are the same! So pretty!