Friday, January 02, 2015

Wake Up and Focused

I was jolted out of bed by a cough, a leftover from holidays with kids. 
It made me grumpy, as I wanted that longer sleep like yesterday and I wasn't ready to feel the morning chill. Yes it does get chilly in Florida.It must have been at least a cool 63 *wink.. anyhow I was warm and snugly under the new soft fluffy white blanket, just like the ones we got for each of the kids. 

Try as I did to go back to sleep and stay cozy but the cough said you are outta here. A few hours later and now that bugger cough is gone thankfully. I did all my medical stuff, testing my glucose etc. Then got the new ninja out to make some green energy. 

Funny though because I added blue berries the drink was kinda gray today, 
but I am still on the Green Team

What craziness occurred next, motivated I began to clean the garage, you know where everything goes after Christmas. Like the Grinch's paradise, paper and boxes, and bows! Washing towels from all the company ...more  housework! So once I stopped that insanity I sat in my very special chair in my chic cocoon, the room is purple "rapture" and cream walls and filled with art I've collected and books, so I read and mediated. 

I'm thankful I can walk easily again, the broken bones are almost healed. I am thankful for pleasant holiday memories. Thankful for a clean organized house, well almost organized. Thankful for family and friends.Thankful for creativity. 

 I'm presently in my studio full of art and art supplies, all the walls and tables are full. My mind is spinning about the upcoming work for Valentines, for my publishers, for my upcoming year with my first solo museum exhibit. hmm time to get out the french press. 

Let's "Go" ! 
not "Let it Go" like beloved Idina Menzel sings 

My word for 2015 is "GO"!
My choice is to embrace my health and ambitions and "GO"! 
Who's with me? 
What's your word?

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Angeline-Marie Martinez said...

I love your word for 2015: GO!

If you need a help with feeling fitter, let me know...I'm cheering you on because the world needs your voice!

YES it gets chilly in FL - and so grateful it's been a warmer 70-85 this last week. However, we could use some stone crabs and the chilly weather helps us have a good season. We barely had stone crabs last season, lol.

Hope you feel better soon! Toasting you with a cafe con leche and later an iced green tea!

Robin Pedrero said...

Hey there Angeline-Marie!

Oh thank you sweetie!
I can hear your cheers and I love it!

Happy Painting to you !

Jaime Haney said...

I'm so glad you're taking care of yourself and that your broken bones are mending. I'm sure you're probably already on the "Go" by now!

I didn't pick a word this year, I may still. Nothing is jumping out to me yet. Well , maybe "ouch"... from being run over by the wagon. you know, that diet wagon :/ meh.