Friday, February 27, 2015

Chic Cocoon Room

Some of you may have heard me reference my Chic Cocoon. That's a term I adopted, a fun name from an energetic person's book (who I met on twitter) Jen Duchene.  Le Chic Cocoon: 7 Steps to Creating Your Selfish Space 

Two walls of this room are painted in the color "rapture", that's the purple.
The painting in the right corner is often a different piece. Today that is the original Sun Deer

I'm sharing this picture because just yesterday the entire floor of the room was filled with my artwork which was being inventoried into my database. I've been fortunate to have a dear friend assist me, thank you Allison Constantino. She's just listed her first piece of Botswana on Fine Art America. 

The sun shines brightly through that window so I have deep purple curtains that I can draw closed. I do enjoy to peek out that window at my peach tree and and all the birds inhabiting my back yard here in Florida.   I'm think I need to look for an area rug next for me special room. 

I'll be sharing more on this room and the special art pieces
 that I've collected from artists around the world.

Do you have a special room?  Do you seek out art to join you in your space?

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Cyn Rogalski said...

My writing office has a space for small painting projects b/c the light is so much better. I have art of others in that space to inspire me.