Thursday, March 26, 2015

A couple of red cardinals painted

A Couple of Red Cardinals 

A Couple of Red Cardinals by Robin Maria Pedrero

I have several feeders in my yard and one just inches from one of the windows of my art studio.
As I type this there is a female cardinal on the sill  popping it's head up and peeking at me through the window. There are two very bright male cardinals and 2 more subdued in color females that regularly share their feedings here in my yard. I also see that they like my orange tree as well. They are here year round. When the robins landed here in their migratory flock the cardinals had to share their bird bath with a lot of friends. During the warmer weather when we are in the pool it's especially interesting to hear the males and females calling to one another and watching out for each other.  

A Couple of Red Cardinals was painted using acrylic paint. I first painted the canvas blue then I drew them in charcoal and proceeded layering color and details to achieve the finished work of art.

Many people look to the cardinal as a messenger. They have been a symbolic bird through time. Here is a site that shares Cardinal Signs and Symbols. I also enjoy the Native American Choctaw Legend of the Cardinal Matchmaker.  

Do you have any symbolic experiences with cardinals? 

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