Thursday, March 05, 2015

Fresh Lemons for your Fresh Decor

I often go into silly songs painting or posting pieces of art.
Do you remember the song "Who will buy" from the musical Oliver?
My mother sang parts in that song in our local theater in Norwich CT. She sang the soprano part, the line that says "Who will buy my sweet red roses two blooms for a penny". 

Lemons on Lemon Tree by Robin Maria Pedrero

I was 12, and a dancer and performer in the musical as well. Those songs often pop up in my mind after all of these years they are unforgettable. So as I posted this I'm singing another part from the song where someone is shouting out "fresh strawberries" and I'm inserting lemons. Yes a little nutz. So here you see an image of my painting "Lemons on Lemon Tree".  It's FRESH! and yellow and lemony! Might even bring you into song. Note the hint of pink? That is because my very own tree actually has pink lemons! The outside is yellow, but the citrus is pink! These are slightly sweeter. 

The pillow can be long or square.

Lemon Pillows

I thinks these will brighten your space and bring a smile to your face

Getting ready for spring!

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