Saturday, March 28, 2015

Hand signed print Give Away on Pocket Full of Colors Blog

Winner selected on April 1 2015, Congrats Diana!!! 
Robin Maria Pedrero Pocket Full of Colors Blog Give Away

Garden Harmonies by Robin Maria Pedrero
March is almost over and it's been some time since I've had a give away so let's do it! 
I have a selection of prints (reproductions) to choose from for this giveaway.
All are on archival paper, hand signed and sealed.
Once the winner has made contact with me they will be given their choices.
First let's make sure we have all our bases covered and are connected. 

Tourism Map of Orlando Florida

Do you know where to find me and my work ?
My work is in several galleries see here
I work out of my private home studio just north of Orlando Florida in the USA.
The best way to contact me is directly, email, phone, via my website
 or  facebook messenger and all of this info is on my website.
Once upon a time I was  however
a few years ago I built a new website with my own name domain

On my website look at the top banner and there are little icons like this

Click on the f for facebook, 
the bird takes you to my twitter page
the in is actually LINKEDIN
The envelope is mail
The P is Pinterest
the G is for Google+
I added You Tube as well
 but there is not an icon there for  instagram so click here this is the link 

Pink Poppies and Time Traveler by Robin Maria Pedrero
AS you can see I enjoy connecting with people via social media. I find it is extra special to me as an artist as I work pretty secluded in my studio, to use social media enabling me to bring my fans and collectors views of my studio, inspirations, art in progress, works for sale and events.  I do have a newsletter where I also give subscribers specials, it is via mail chimp I think you will enjoy it,  here's the link to subscribe 

In addition to my originals and hand signed prints I also utilize print on demand sites. It enables my collectors to have instant options and sizes,  like my work in print on various papers, canvas, metal, acrylic, pillows, totes, jewelry, shower curtains, scarves, leggings, tiles, cups, mugs, phone cases, calenders, .. the list goes on..

Here are my shops

(this site even has a print shop in the UK so shipping and service is fast there too!)

So what do you do to enter the give away?
Comment here on the blog with what you like about my art and where you usually see my art.
I'll Choose a winner from those who comment
so don't be a "fool".. leave your comment and let's have fun!
I'll announce the winner on Wednesday April 1st 2015
yes April Fool's Day!

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pve design said...

PICK ME, MY hand is UP!!!

pve design said...


tkpleslie said...

I want those pink poppies, Robin!

PICK ME for #pinkpower! :)

Hands off, PVE :)

Robin said...

I would love to win a beautiful print of yours as well..I love your art because it gives me the feeling of a flowing breeze moving past..your garden and bird scenes are very fluid and a bit ethereal in nature and i love the colors you use..!

Anonymous said...

Love the colors and concept, hope I win..... Blessing to all who entered...

Diana L said...

What do I like about your art? With some of your pieces, it is the layers of color and all of the visual interest that you place, the hidden gems awaiting discovery - I love that I never get tired of looking at your work and that it always inspires. Your landscape pastels are powerful, your portraiture is nothing short of amazing. Where do I usually see your art? To be honest, it now lives in every room of my house , but I do enjoy stalking Facebook for those first glimpses at your newest work and I spend many hours window shopping on your web site. I have also utilized the other shops listed. Discovering your art has been such a blessing in my life, thank you.

Marianne Anastasio said...

I know first hand about your talent as an artist. I have purchased one of your paintings on canvas. I love the colors you use, they're vibrant and beautiful. I especially love your birds and flowers.
It would be very special to me to own another piece of your art.

Anonymous said...

I left a gushing testimonial earlier, but I can't figure out how to post on here, so...

I love the layers and the rich colors of your art. I love that it makes me smile and leaves me feeling amazed and inspired. I love that your talent takes on many different forms and styles, and there is always something new to appreciate. I do enjoy seeing your new art and WIP on FB, but I also spend a lot of time dreaming amongst the treasures posted on your website. Pick me, and I will happily welcome another of your lovely works living in my home. ~ Diana Lackey

Cynthia Koch said...

Your art makes me happy. The beautiful visual journies are mesmerising. -- Cindy Koch

Wilhelm Guggisberg said...

Your artwork transmits to the beholder very much a fresh, carefree crisp effluvium. It is as if a colorful idilic vacation-like lost dreamworld comes back from your childhood's long lost past!

original art by micki said...

love your work - your poppies are my favorite - am a faithful follower on Facebook

Danyz said...

I like the vibrant colors you use. I see you on Facebook in the group called Art Collectors and Artists.

Anonymous said...

You have made a dreary winter seem shorter. My hot chocolate coffee and I enjoy the mental boost you give and wish you continued prosperity. I would feel honored if chosen.

Emily said...

As a fellow painter I really appreciate the vibrance of the colors you choose in your work. It really brings the natural subject matter to life :-)

Mary said...

I see you in several rooms of my home. Can never have too much "Robin".

Anonymous said...

Not sure which identity to use. Tried this once but don't see my entry. If at first...I see you on FB every day. My hot chocolate coffee and I enjoy the breath of life you add in your art. Can't believe I am looking out the window at snowflakes again! This is why I would l would love a piece of your art to lift my spirts and all who see it. Sandy M.

Karen Williams said...

Robin I love the colors, the birds, flowers....well shucks, I just love your work, period! And where do I see it? Facebook page and my home page, I've "saved" some of my favorites.

Bookhead said...

I find more than the obvious in your paintings. Each one tickles my imagination. Flower paintings make me feel like I'm laying on the ground in a flower field, or forest floor, daydreaming. Crow paintings bring me to an out door patio of a cozy house on the edge of the woods. Tea cups are rainy days sitting in a window seat watching the birds. Thank you for the colorful world of fantasy you've given me.
I usually see your art on fb, twitter, online stores and in person.

Vicki Reynolds said...

Where do I see your artwork? In my bedroom is the canvas painting of Betrothed. I have your pretty shower curtain( the one with the flowers and butterflies at my lake house. It truly brightens up the room. I have the picture of the girl, sorry can't remember the name, laying on my dining room table. Keep moving it to different rooms trying to decide the perfect place for it. The green picture with the bird on it that you showed with this post, fits perfectly in the 1/2 bath off the kitchen. The crow I purchased is going to the lake house. I still have 4 other pictures waiting for my master bath to be redone. So, in addition to seeing your work on Facebook, I have a friendly encounter with them everyday. Each one is different and each evokes a different feeling me. Thank you for sharing your beautiful talent with me.

janby said...

Winter still lingers here in NNY and your painting are a breath hint of springtime. Love the birds and blooms. I watch you on Facebook.

Sarah Belsley said...

I just love the brillant colors you use and how you invite an intimate connection to nature -- Thank you so much for creating and sharing your art! I see your artwork most often via your website and your email newsletters, but I intend to explore all of the other sites that you have mentioned to discove what treasures can be there found too.
Have a wonderful day!

Sarah Belsley said...

I love the brilliant colors that you use in your compositions and the way you invite an intimate connection with nature. I usually see your artwork via your website or thru your email newsletters, but I will be exploring the other sites that you have offered here in this blog to see what treasures can be there found too. Thank you for sharing your art. Have a wonderful day!

Cory said...

I love how colorful your art is and that it contains birds.

Carol Kinsley said...

I love your colors and subjects,they make me happy. I'd love to win one

Carol Kinsley said...

I love the colors and subjects. They make me feel happy. I would love to win

deirdreellen said...

Delightful! Esp love the white flowers.

Patti said...

Yes, pick fingers are crossed!
Patricia g. Pope

greenid1 said...

Happy Spring!
Your beautiful artwork is an extension of you - a beautiful woman. I enjoy seeing your work on FB and if my travels takes to Florida, I will certainly visit a gallery to see your work 'in person'.
I especially love the colors and how your work has a calming and joyful spirit about it.
Best wishes to you for continued success.

Anonymous said...

I love the way you build up rich colours in translucent layers giving your work depth and atmosphere. One can't help feeling cheerful when you look at it😃 Cyndi

Lee Whitney said...

Love those pink poppies (and everything else you do!). Your art makes me happy :)

Robin Pedrero said...

Congratulations to Diana YOU WON!!

Laura Medill said...

Saw the contest too late but still have to say how much I love your work. The choice of colors draw me in & I feel happier just looking at the flowers, flowers make me the happiest!

Terri Krauss said...

UGH!!! I am too late!! :(