Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Happy Welcome

When people come into your home what is the first thing they see? 

Happy Welcome by Robin Maria Pedrero
Is the view an entryway? A foyer? Or a vast open space?
I've lived in a few different homes and experienced several different scenarios.
My present home has a small wall perfect for a piece of art and a fountain. 
This painting is a type of painting I can envision in a spot like this, "Happy Welcome"

I also like this painting for one's own chic cocoon. An area where you write, read or work as it is cheery. Another spot could be a hallway to bring added color and smiles. 

Other areas can also have a pop of these poppies with an accent throw pillow.
Happy Welcome Throw Pillow by Robin Maria Pedrero
These pillows are high quality and come in different sizes 
with the option of with or without an insert.

Take a Happy Welcome everywhere you go!

Isn't this just the cutest?!

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Jaime Haney said...

Happy Welcome is a perfect name for this joyful painting. I just love the pillow!

Patrice said...

You are so right. I have had the pleasure of being a consultant for a number of clients who wanted me to help them be braver about color and style. My first rule of decorating is that whenever you enter your house/room/studio, what you see should make you smile, both inwardly and outwardly.

This beautiful painting would do just that!

Robin Pedrero said...

Thank you @Jaime Haney!

Robin Pedrero said...

Patrice that is such a good way to put it "to help them be braver" I like that!