Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Creating Personalized Birth Paintings

How lucky am I that this fabulous idea of Birth Paintings, which wasn't my conception, but the desire of my art collector and grandmother Tonie to give very special gifts of personalized paintings to her brand new baby grandchildren! Special thanks to Tonie for collaborating with me on these pieces. 

Tonie says "Family comes from many places, but always rests in the heart."

Tonie and I discussed the subject matter via messaging and email.
In fact we've not yet met in person. She loves Pansies!
She asked for some specific colors and I added my little lady bugs and critters which she adored. 
Symbolism plays a role in these pieces.
She knew she wanted her grandchildren's names
and birth dates so I came up with the ribbon. 

Although there are similar themes of nature, flowers and birds
each piece is a unique work of art for each child.

These are very special paintings. 

Do you wish to have a Birth Painting created by me?
If interested in having something original created for your family contact me here. The ownership of the originals can stay with any family member, and those who wish to own a print can order an image from me on canvas or archival paper.
This is a perfect family keepsake! 

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Tonie Dupuis said...

I teared up, I am so happy. You really are great. Now you have a new product that should really have a great following.
I am so happy for all of us.
Thank you Robin.

Tonie Dupuis said...

This has been a wonderful & productive experience for me. With Robin's help we created a legacy that can last a lifetime & then some.
Thank you Robin.

Karen Williams said...

Precious and priceless.
What a gift you share through your art. Thank you!