Friday, April 10, 2015

Piece by piece building works for museum solo exhibit; sandhill cranes

I've been painting large pieces for my upcoming solo exhibit at the
Lake Eustis Museum of Art in September 2015.

Here is the "Dance of Sandhill Cranes". 

The wildlife that wanders from yard to yard in our Florida neighborhood
 is very much a part of our lives. These birds in my painting also speak to me symbolically.

Dance of the Sandhill Cranes by Robin Maria Pedrero 48" acrylic on canvas
In my neighborhood and central Florida area the sandhill cranes wander from yard to yard in pairs, or in small groups of three or four, eating grubs, and digging for mole crickets. They have an elegant walk and flight. I especially like their beautiful trumpeting, bugling sounds. It's quite remarkable to hear as they fly over the house. You can listen to their sounds here.   On walks around the lake I have encountered them several times and watched them do courtship dances.  They pump their heads, they bow, and open and close their wings. The cranes mate for life.Their offspring hang out with them till they are about 10 months old.  

I've long admired oriental works of art depicting cranes. So full of grace and ornamentation.  My mother had once given  me a lovely book filled with works of art of just cranes. 

I began this painting with  a landscape scene. I then waited. I played in my mind with various scenes and scenarios. Stories upon stories came to mind. 

Robin Maria Pedrero studio shot of paintings in progress
 I saw myself in the distance on the horizon. I thought about the distance and difference in my size since I've embarked on healthier living, eating for my health requirements and exercising regularly. I drew me, the heavier less healthy person I used to be on the horizon in charcoal, creating a distance between me and that person. The drawing stood there for a week or so, in that spot on the canvas. I imagined me, the woman getting closer, drawing layers of figures in the fore ground leaner, as the woman and my body size got smaller. Then in my mind that vision of a the woman transformed into a bird with wings. I imagine I fly.  Suddenly before my mind's eye the cranes filled the canvas and that was it! That's where my visual journey took me. 

Next I developed some sketches right on my working table. Then right to the canvas I went with charcoal drawing the dance of the cranes. Day after day I would paint layers of feathers, wanting to keep the work loose and filled with movement. I really enjoy this painting. I also know I am here behind those cranes on the horizon watching them dance. 

I just  might do another painting of cranes as I keep envisioning flowers with them..

(all works of art are available for purchase,
collectors would need to loan the work to the museum though October 2015)

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