Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Reaching Higher

I begin working on my art being inspired by nature and life.
I start with color. This artwork "Reaching Higher" was inspired
by wild flowers and butterflies in front of a pond.
I began to paint with layers of grays and blues. 
Here's the art transformed into functional decor!
I think you'll find this puffy pillow a great color for so many spaces. 

Reaching Higher puffy pillow by Robin Maria Pedrero

Now I am torn.. I think this might be my new favorite case!
As I was going to type there's just something about Red and Gray.. I laughed
Those were my high school colors! St Bernards!
Truly though a classic striking combo and I like the pop of the wild daisies.
This case can be ordered vertical or horizontal here  iphone and samsung
Fashion forward accessory!

The original Reaching Higher is sold but I have an array of reproductions.
Some offered directly from me on my website here 
and some on Fine Art America where there are  matting, and framing options.
This work of art can be printed on metal,
which is great for a patio or fun and contemporary,
as well as on acrylic another modern look. 

I hope you find encouragement in my image Reaching Higher.
I like the gentle tendrils of lighter gray... and the blooms reaching higher beyond the canvas.
Best of all is that rockin red butterfly!!

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