Sunday, May 03, 2015

Fresh Cup of Coffee Art

Craving Coffee. I do sometimes. I love the scent of it too. 

Lately I've been enjoying my coffee straight up black, ok ok ..with a little Truvia. So when I have a latte it is decadent. I had such a blast creating a series of 9 coffee art paintings. I have a thing for cups. I remember my cousin talking about his special cup as kids. I guess maybe it is a family thing. I like cups. I also like that they represent and hold nourishing, comfort, and tasty goodness.  I like the conversations over cups. The company being served cups. 

I have originals available, like Contempo Coffee. It was a hoot creating the "Lipstick on Coffee Cup" piece. I noticed many people desired to do groupings of these so I made prints available of each and every one in this series. Here they are in my Fine Art America Shop

This piece is called "A Quick Stir"

How do you take your coffee?

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